Come on Democrats. What’s deranged is you guys !

There are Packs of Mad Dogs raging all over the world – destroying innocent lives, hungry for ever greater numbers of slaughter and blood-letting – and all to force us to submit into converting to Islam in praise of Allah.

In November alone, Islamic Holy Warriors, only – read only ! – killed 5,000 + ordinary folks going about their ordinary daily lives ! And now these events !

The President of the United States and his lead apologists Feinstein & Co. In the Senate cry out – don’t shoot the mad dogs – just interrogate them with respect – and then you’ll have them eating out of our hand.

Yeah, sure. Obama and Feinstein, put your bodies where your words are. Let’s see you reach out your hands to these mad dogs –– and let us watch. Obama and Feinstein – if you are really leaders – then lead with your outstretched hands. Show us by “leading” that the Mad Dog Islamic Holy Warriors eat out of your hand extended in respect and understanding; and don’t eat your hands – instead !

Yeah, instead of sacrificing our bodies – show us you’re right ! Hey, fellow Americans – wanna take that bet that Obama, Feinstein and Co. are only willing to let us be their cannon fodder to their perverted ideology !

There is an Islamic Holy War raging all over the world. The megalomania is beyond belief – we have to bend to their rule – or die. And Obama and Feinstein and Co. in the Senate serve as their apologists.

The “man-caused disasters” are Obama and Feinstein and Co. in the Senate who are willing to experiment with our lives to satisfy a defeatist ideology – of according “respect” like a submissive dog to the Alpha Mad Dog Islamic Holy War.

George Bernard Shaw nailed Obama: “Obama, when you strike that noble attitude and speak in that thrilling voice – labeling “torture” interrogators trying to save America , – I admire you; but I find it impossible to believe a single word you say, – the real “torture” is America and the rest of the civilized world having to endure terror as the instrument of forced conversion to Islam and submission to Islamic rule.”

Americans unite, following these Democrat Defeatists we have nothing to lose but our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor!

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