A conversation between 3 CIA interrogators – now inmates – at an American high security prison.

9/11 happened and I joined the Agency. I interrogated terrorists, who complained I did not respect their religion and fed them non-Halal food.

I was charged with dereliction of duty for crimes against a peaceful religion.                  (And the Islamic Holy War has grown bigger.)

I wanted to be a patriot and joined the Agency. I interrogated Taliban in Afganistan trying to find Ben Laden. There was a news article about American Nazis following government orders.

I was charged with crimes against humanity for torture.                                                     (And Ben Laden lived another day.)

I wanted adventure and joined the Agency. I ratted out interrogators who disrespected that peaceful religion and who followed interrogation orders that the Democrats decided after the fact they could use politically against GOP warmongers.

I was charged with treason for being a whistle-blower.                                                        (And now we use only drones for intel.)

(the anekdot:  A conversation between three inmates at a Soviet labour camp: “‘I was five minutes late to work and was charged with sabotage,’ the first man says. ‘I was five minutes early and was sentenced for espionage,’ the second explains. The third man says: ‘Well, I was on time, and I was accused of contraband in Western wrist watches.’)

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