We the people have lived our finest hour – first in the election of President Obama, then the re-election,and finally the repudiation in this election.

We were challenged by Barak Obama a few years ago to confront our past – that great divide between the genius of our founding documents and the legacy of 3/5’s of a person.

We were challenged to not just talk the talk, but to walk the walk. We placed our faith in the man who challenged us to see ‘nothing but a man.’

Obama preached to the American people the ‘audacity of hope’.

We the people did him one better. We lived the ‘audacity to be proud of America’ ! Obama preached ‘change’. And we the people have done him one better. In times of need, we have always had deeds of change; we have always responded ‘si, se puede’.

Our change   has been a return to our American eternal truths:

* Americans’ deeds of change – the love of our Constitution that gave us
the commandment to create civil equality.
* Americans’ deeds of change – the love of our Declaration that gave us
the courage and strength to admit a wrong.
* Americans’ deeds of change – the belief in the essential goodness of America that gave us the courage and strength to change that wrong.

And so we entered into a love affair with President Obama.

And then ‘we walked through a storm’.

We have sadly found that his ‘audacity’ was just to ‘win the girl’, to be the most important man in the world, to garner the name and fame. And nothing more.

Having won us, he squandered our wealth and our standing in the world.   And when he no longer “needed” us, we found a ‘cold, cold heart’. We, the people had become a jilted lover by President Obama.

In the space of six short years the President has become:

* the ‘man who lost the Cold War we won’;

* the ‘man who lost the Middle East’;

* the man who traveled the world and apologized for America being, in essence, the ‘Great Satan’;

* the man who took our money to get us out of the great recession – and instead left 90% of all American workers out in the cold – and gave all those tons of billions of dollars to benefit just the 10% of the workers in the U.S. who were union members and the balance to non-workers on welfare (the richest Chicago voting bribe scheme of all time);

* the man who said he was going to provide affordable health care to all, but instead of making it affordable for all; he taxed all workers who could (barely) afford their current health care – to pay tons of billions for tens of millions who had no health care.

And through it all, we the American people have had to grit our teeth and bear it. But through this Obama-inflicted storm, ‘we have held our head up high, and not been afraid of the storm.’ This faithless President Obama has ‘tossed and blown our dreams.’

But we the American people came to this election ‘with hope in our heart’ knowing that ‘ at the end of the storm there’s a golden sky’.

And so, in the end, the American people showed the audacity to be proud of America. Yes, we have learned to treat Obama as nothing but a man. And we have voted accordingly.

Be proud . Have faith in ourselves as Americans.
We have done what no other peoples in history have done. . . ‘we’ll never walk alone’ again.

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