You probably figured Hong Kong has a “Movie Screening Ordinance”.  Movies rated Two – B are:  “Not Suitable for Young Persons and Children.”

But you need to know that China has a “Voting Screening Ordinance” for Hong Kong. It’s no movie, but China rates Hong Kong voters trying to vote as “TWO – B: NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG PERSONS AND CHILDREN !”

The Chinese Communist Party is Parent to the Hong Kong “Child.”

And we all thought that HK voters were adults. Understandable that we – outsiders – would made that mistake.  But imagine the poor HK voter – they made the same mistake!

But China says:

* Real voting is not suitable for HK voters, because they are children.

* Voting is our movie.

* HK voters – you are mere “extras” in our movie.

* HK voters – you are too young to watch how we govern your lives.

* We know what’s best for you … ‘ go home and get a nice quiet sleep.’

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