Poor Ukraine. Just when they need America & NATO, they find that Obama & co. have abandoned them to a Russian death by a thousand cuts. Exposed for all to see – is what can only be called a sadistic side to our Commander – in – Chief: Obama TALKS while Ukraine bleeds out .

It’s turned out more dangerous to be a “friend” of America under Obama than to be an enemy. Us mere mortal Americans can’t wrap our heads around that fact.

Ukraine. First Obama declares that Russia leave Ukraine alone. Then Russia doesn’t, but claims Crimea. Obama declares that the U.S. has no military response, but will never accept that. A hundred Russian small cuts across Crimea later, left unattended by Obama and Ukraine’s first limb is chopped off. And the sadism? Why Obama promises them MRE’s as a “meaningful” deterrence to the invading Russian army. (Obama adopted Naoleon’s art of war – Ukraine, as long as your belly is fed, you will have an army able to deal with the Russians.)

The Russians understand Obama’s military strategy and inflict a new 100 cuts in Donnesk and again in Luhansk. Obama watches eastern Ukraine start to bleed out. Obama doesn’t even offer a dressing. The Russians again 100 cuts to Ukraine by raising the price of gas. Obama helps – his ‘silence is golden.’

Then more Russian 100 cuts; they shoot down a civilian airliner. Obama can’t even arrange to collect the bodies.

One hundred cuts more; Russia sends into eastern Ukraine their own soldiers and tanks. One hundred cuts more and Russia opens a new front – to take Mariupol, Ukraine’s only export port (left).

And the friends of Ukraine? Obama, in finest Three Stooges form – goes off to Ukraine?, nah, to Estonia and promises them that what’s happening to their neighbor will never be allowed to happen by the very man allowing it to happen!

And then, Obama and NATO meet! Ukraine is bleeding out so fast and so badly that – what – do Obama and NATO do?

Do they offer military supplies – since they won’t offer military help ?  Nah, of course not.

Obama and NATO, envious of Russian skill with a scapel – inflict a hundred cuts of their own to Ukraine. All the NATO big states privately talk to Ukraine; they seem to offer military material – and then publically refuse to provide any military material for the Ukrainians to help themselves.

But why stop there? Ukraine’s bleeding out so badly that it is forced to surrender to Russia in a one-sided cease fire. That’s the Ukrainian side; not the Russian. Russian delivers another 100 cuts, with more logistical support to “Rebels” (i.e., Russian soldiers on “vacation”.

And Obama and NATO, sadists to the end, add another 100 cuts and agree that they will look elsewhere than Ukraine (i.e., Europe, their raison-d’etre) – to Iraq & Syria!

Death by a 1000 cuts! Oh, never mind. Our Coroner – in – Chief Obama will do the post-mortem and explain it all away:  death by “natural causes”; not murder!  But then at least America will know Obama – the Man Who Lost the Cold War We Won.

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