Ya know that Brer DEM Fox hated that rascal Brer GOP Rabbit on account’a he was always guarding against DEM Fox’s money-spending waste and and even winning elections in districts where there were still a majority of taxpayers.

So DEM Fox decided to capture and kill off GOP Rabbit politically – as the most important thing he was ever gonna do (since he never did do anything else important)!

He thought and he thought about how he could bribe the American people into voting for DEM Fox and never again for that GOP Rabbit. He came up empty, because the majority of the American people could not be bribed.

Until one day he come up with a plan to use his Golden Tongue to make electoral magic. DEM Fox would simply rename all the millions of illegal aliens in America and re-make them into immigrants, just undocumented. Then he would harp on the notion that having undocumented immigrants was a problem; and because there was a problem with so many millions and millions of undocumented immigrants, we could not possibly enforce the laws: and so it was urgent to forget the law and give them Citizenship instead. Eureka, instant DEM voters!

But ya know, that pesky GOP Rabbit prevented DEM Fox from getting away with that prevarication, ‘cause Americans was smart’nuf to know that was not the problem.

So DEM Fox, he thought and thought and thought again. And he came up with another game plan – another word game from the Golden Tongue – bring in millions of NEW ILLEGAL ALIENS, but this time call them ASYLUM SEEKERS. Brilliant!  No new law needed; no extra-constitutional executive orders; just use existing laws,by the simple word magic of perverting the meaning of asylum. All that was needed was to spread the word that if you somehow got to the States, then you got PERMISSO !

And so the TAR BABY BOOM was born! DEM Fox allowed as how the Children’s Crusade of kids illegally crossing the border to get PERMISSO were really only escaping violence and so were entitled to asylum.

DEM Fox would make such a tar baby as the world had never seen! DEM Fox went and got a witches’ cauldron: pour in a 100,000 kids with them “escaping” violence, crime and poverty; and he mixed in some $4 billion dollars and some existing immigration law and ; and he PR sculpted it into the figure of a cute little baby. Only this baby is a Tar-Baby.

Then he stuck these 100,000 Tar Babies across the American landscape, particularly red states;  a set up for them to be here for ages, why years and years and years. And these 100,000 will now serve as anchors to haul into to America their poor moms and  dads to stick fast to them and their poor sisters and brothers to stick fast to them !
And then we’ll have a million.  And they have a clear path to Citizenship. And, EUREKA again, DEM Fox has got his majority DEM vote.

But the sheer brilliance of it – the DEM Fox does not even have to fund the bribe! No, the dumb American people are forced to fund all of it. And the DEM’s opening bid of $35,500 per child is only the start. Let’s add in all the years of schooling, health care and welfare that the American people have as coming taxes for the kids and their moms and dads and sisters and brothers.

Brer GOP Rabbit come along and had never seen anything like it before! And he said that’s not fair – charity begins at home.  And he said that’s not right; if DEM Fox can do that with a little spit of land in Central America, then his next up is the MILLIONS of kids who will have an equal “right” to escape violence, crime and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan ‘and so on, ad infinitum’ and an equal “right” to asylum in America as future DEM voters.

But, DEM Fox’s plan is now working perfectly. I’ve got you this time, Brer GOP Rabbit, said Brer DEM Fox.  DEM Fox immediately jumped out in front of the cameras – Well, well, what have we here? Brer GOP Rabbit is mean-spirited and immoral and depraved! Vote DEM Fox – and save all the innocent children! And you, pesky GOP Rabbit I’m gonna watch you die politically.

‘Oh please Brer Dem Fox, whatever you do, please don’t throw me into the American people patch.’

The American people, huh? said DEM Fox. What a wonderful idea! You’ll be torn into little pieces!

Then there was silence – until the next election rolled around.  And DEM Fox did not know what hit him. ‘I was born and bred in the American people’ GOP Rabbit called out. Every sane American knows how you tricked them.

And DEM Fox ran off with his “tale” between his legs.

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