Wow! We don’t like ‘em, but this is military genius!! We have just witnessed the three day smash victory – that tore a country apart and established a new middle east order. Unbelievable.

There is a brilliant military tactician lurking somewhere in the desert of Syria & Iraq, a modern day Alexander the Great, Napoleon and IDF rolled into one!

But first, let’s look at our Hamlet at the Helm, our American commander-in-chief. It’s because of his commanding military prowess that we Americans rest comfortably in his reassuring words that we can have good nights’ sleep.

He has been the towering military tactician brilliantly parrying every military attack across the world with brilliant military ripostes.
* Syrian rebels fighting a despotic dictator are given phones – so they can communicate better!
* Ukranian military are given meals-ready-to-eat (mre’s), because just as Napoleon learned when dealing with Russia – an army travels on its stomach!
* and Iraq now is given aerial photographs of the ground they have lost and the ground they are going to lose – so that when they become refugees into the U.S. and we give them amnesty and a path to citizenship they will have pictures of their homeland to remember it by!

All calculated to be a new set of clothes for our home-grown Hamlet while he takes a victory lap around the country.

Ya think maybe he has something to learn? Let’s get back to our 21st century desert fox.

Here ISIL is – stuck in the stalemate of syria. A typical prisoner’s dilemma.
So what does it do? Why it strikes out in a different direction and invades Iraq.

And speak of judo. It takes only some 800 irregulars to beat 30,000 soldiers in two army divisions plus some thousands of police. That’s on a par with Thermopylae.

And speak of return on investment. It probably cost them $4000 in gas to do this invasion. It cost us $16 billion to train the Iraqi soldiers how to run away. And the spoils are some $480 million in cash they picked up from the bank along the way.

The ISIL plan takes only three days to split Iraq. It beats the hell out of Germany’s six weeks to conquer France and Israel’s six days to defeat the combined Arab forces. And we Americans – why we take one hundred and forty days to even get a soldier in to first get medical help! Even our ‘hail mary’ Iraqi invasion is snail’s pace compared to ISIL.

Truth to tell, it will take our hamlet longer to “figure” out what to he is willing to do than it took ISIL to take over one-third of Iraq. But maybe that’s his plan – by the time he decides, it will all be over and then he can just “do” words, again, and not “do” actions.

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