News Flash! Obama needs a few days to figure out what to do in Iraq.

New News Flash! Those old Ayatollahs figured out what to do in Iraq – they sent in the Revolutionary Guards and are – now, not tomorrow – taking over the Sunni heartland!

We used to cry “WHO LOST SYRIA?” And afterward, console ourselves with believing that the status quo would hold elsewhere. No way.
Today, we have to cry “WHO LOST THE MIDDLE EAST?” And, it’s no consolation that we all know – the American Hero, er, Nero.

To paraphrase Churchill: “Obama never draws a line without blurring it.”

The most important line of all: Iran will not have atomic weapons of mass destruction – we now know will never be anything but words; and then watch it be “blurred”.

You know in your guts what this fiddling is all about: just delay Iran (read cut a deal with Iran) where they will not display their atomic bombs until Obama is out of office!

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