It’s high time for Pres. Obama to stop turning the other cheek to Putin.

It’s high time for Obama to stop being the stooge on the receiving end of Putin’s slaps.

It’s high time to endorse Putin’s idea as a great one: self-determination by an outside power for others !

And, so, it’s high time to return the favor to Putin. Let freedom ring

The U.S. hereby recognizes the independence of all those Russian republics conquered and then eaten by the big ole Russian empire. The U.S. proclaims it recognizes as free and independent states starting with those who have demonstrated:

* The (now ex-) Russian republic of Chechnya

* the (now ex-) Russian republic of Dagestan.

The U.S. authorizes its delegations to open consular offices in the U.S. and we will set this up for them since they probably can’t make it out of Russia.

Further, the U.S. sponsors their admission to the exclusive gentlemen’s club at the U.N.

Then, give us a month to breathe and say, with heartfelt sincerity, that we are not interested in invading Russia. And then, of course, it will be high time for the U.S.to proclaim recognition as free and independent states – all the other little and not so little republics in Russia.

Hail, hail Freedonia !!

Then, the Putin Doctrine will have its full effect: Russia can take its rightful place as a properly sized empire not saddled with the guilt of its conquest and subjugation of peoples over 4 centuries.

It’s high time to take Putin’s mouthpiece to heart when he pleads for help to – stop us [sic] fascists!

“For many years Europe has been turning a blind eye to the fact how this ideology [fascism] is acquiring new supporters, how former Waffen SS legionaries found as war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials stage marches,” the minister said.

Lavrov noted that current events in Ukraine “are already not just marches with slogans glorifying Nazi criminals, but a ‘live’ manifestation of fascism.”

Yes, indeed. Let’s honor the Putin Doctrine and help the Russians help themselves – and not suffer any more from “having got down in the road with the Germans, and got up with fascist fleas.”

It’s high time for the U.S. (since the EU won’t) to finally “get back in the fight” – and back into the act of protecting the poor suffering masses of Russia from living under the heels of a Russian fascist state masquerading as legitimate representative of all their oppressed peoples!!

Pres. Obama can strut with pride that he has bettered the Putin Doctrine by adding Pres. Wilson’s 14 points, particularly that ‘all historically invaded lands by Russia must be restored.’

The U.S. returns South Ossetia & part of Abkhazia to Georgia, because, point taken: ‘All GEORGIAN territory should be freed and the invaded portion, SOUTH OSSETIA and their part of ABKHAZIA restored, and the wrong done to Georgia by Russia, which has unsettled the peace of the world, should be righted, in order that peace may once more be made secure in the interest of all.’

It’s also high time for Abkhazia and North Ossetia to be free and independent states.

Oh, and while we’re at it – this is really what dear ole Pres. Obama meant by “re-set.” The new Putin-Obama doctrine:

The U.S. NOW proclaims:

First: it’s high time to protect the rights of non-Russian language speakers from Russian language and cultural fascism.

The Russian republics must become bi- or multi-lingual in their official languages to protect the inherent rights to dignity of non-native Russian speakers.

Second: it’s high time the Russian republics become multi-religious states with non-native Russian speakers’ religions made state religions.

Third: it’s high time they must be made free to practice the inherent right to come together in balaclava – clad militias.


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