In the real world of bullies and power; Obama proves again and again he’s a child playing a child’s game with Putin who’s a man playing a man’s game.

Obama shows again he is nothing but a martinet vice-principal who can only handle a schoolyard bully. When it comes to the Pros, he’s a pure sandlot wannabe who can’t handle a slugger like Putin.

Putin threatens to take Crimea.

Obama puffed up like a peacock pretends to stop him, by threatening – “there’ll be consequences.”

Putin takes Obama’s measure; then takes Crimea.

Obama draws upon his inner Three Stooges persona – and the world laughs at his impersonation of the clever Stooge Mo; while we Americans can only weep for shame.

Obama draws his consequences from his impressive quiver – and clever Stooge that he is, sails right past Putin and knuckles the “unlucky” 7 of Putin’s friends with a vacation Verbot in the ole’ US of A. Obama shows his Ole Faithful gushes only for him; not for Putin.

Putin, quivering shows his consequences – he takes over Crimea.

Guess who won that round of Poke the Pee Pee!

Slugger Putin then threatens to take Eastern Ukraine.

Obama, embarrassed that the world has seen him with no clothes, plays another round of “there’ll be consequences.”

Suspense – is it for real this time; or just to hide Obama’s new clothes?

Commander-in-Chief Obama’s power play consequences – show strength!

Obama goes for the military – the Napoleonic!

But no, rather Napoleon channeled through Marie Antoinette – so feed ‘em MRE’s.

Not Napoleon – an army moves on its stomach – towards a goal; but rather MRE’s as an army’s Magic Maginot line of defense against an invasion.

Putin shows his cosmic sense of humor with the Child Obama and, in turn, threatens “there will be consequences for Obama’s daring !

Putin unleashes his consequences from his quiver – put 40,000 troops on the border to invade

Guess who’s gonna win this round of poke the pee pee?



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