Wanna bet what history will have to say about the Cold War we won? History will record the odd couple of Putin & Obama and their reversal of the Wold War.

We all said, Surprise – We didn’t see it coming! Russia invades and takes over the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine?

Well, worry more about this: It’s just another step in all President Obama’s steps in losing the Cold War we just spent 50 years to win !

And before long, history may record who won the second cold war.


This is what we really should have seen – President Obama’s foreign policy as “ a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Obama will be puzzled over and remembered as the inexplicable solo act of bringing down America in the world.

Obama lackeys sold Obama to the American people as a smart-as-a-whip guy who was cool, calm and collected. He was going to use those smarts and characteristics to change not just America, but the world for the better.


Through two elections, Obama has, like Aesop’s Donkey proud to have acted the Lion, bragged out loud in his true voice: mouthing morally visionary and sweeping pieties; then stern verbal warnings to the World’s Real Bad Asses; then outraged shock; and then, nothing!

First, Obama committed rhetorical harikiri on America. He talked America down. Then he committed the American people to actual harakiri. He took America down – to a military from before WW II.

Amazing. He turned Roosevelt on his head: America was left with him talking boldly but carrying a small stick.

The real purpose of Obama’s fancy word toughness is to anesthetize the American people and disguise Obama’s policies of multi-lateralism as appeasement by any other name. But oh, how comforting it’s been.

The President exercises appeasement wherever a problem pops up. And our European “allies” are no slackers in this department. Syria, is living example, of appeasement redux – a new Spanish Civil War.

Remember, the British and French Appeasers in the Spanish Civil War forged a “great achievement” –  a NON-INTERVENTION AGREEMENT – where all outsiders “promised” to non-intervene in the civil war. Remember how that turned out? The democracies did nothing. And, the Fascists and the Communists “non-intervened” with a free hand with with arms and Stukas.

The Europeans and Obama agreed an arms embargo. But Russia, Iran and Hisbollah and North Korea poured in arms, men and money. And Obama’s mouthing great humanitarian concerns about Syrian chemicals is addressed through multi-lateral accord – with whom? Why with Putin, of course. This is not just letting the fox guard the hen house; it is paying the fox to guard it!


The world has come to believe you, Chicken – in – Chief  after your years of saying that it’s America that has no right to exercise power.

The Putins of the world believe America rather has  no power to exercise; and no will to get the bad asses to behave; and so it’s the bad asses who now freely exercise the will to power.

Putin will just be recorded as the latest in a long line of conquer – the – world megalomaniacs.


Many, from Clinton to Schaeuble, have suggested that the playbook for Russia in the Crimea is Hitler with the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.

Let me suggest an earlier event – Hitler marching the German army back into the demilitarized Rhineland ! Demilitarized, but ah, a part of Germany. That lesson Putin and Russia understand; it’s only lost to Obama.

The German Army counseled against it; Hitler was prepared to stop the moment there was opposition from the Allies. The Allies were tested. The British and French et. al made a lot of “sound and fury” and in the end signifying – not nothing, but signifying plenty – none of it good. The British and French simply withdrew their forces in advance. And so Germany and Hitler learned – deeds, lots of falsehoods and make the stakes as high as military conflict – and you win the pot. So, having taken the measure of the Allies, what followed in succession was the tearing up the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Treaties ( interestingly with its guarantee of integrity of borders – sound familiar ?). And then all the steps fell into place – Munich ripping apart Czechoslovakia – the “cost” for “Peace in our Time”; and so on to Hell on Earth.

A generation ago there was the cry “Who Lost China”. A few months ago, we thought all we had to cry about Obama was “Who Lost Syria”? Even while some had started to cry about Obama “Who Lost the Middle East”?

But now, there’s the devil to pay – and we suffer the sheer terror of “Who Lost The Cold War We Won” ?  And,sadly we know!

Let’s pray: Obama’s “but… a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more.” Please, God.


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