North Korea is our enemy, because China allows it to be our enemy and because China benefits from it – all at no cost to China and great benefit to China.  It’s high time to get China to stop it!

China has learned how to have all of America’s cake and eat all of our cake too.  China for years  has had the best of both worlds:

*  it gets to trade (unfairly) with the U.S.

*  it gets to wipe our plate with the greatest transfer of jobs and wealth in the shortest period of time from one country to another that the world has ever known.

*  it gets to stick a very costly North Korean thorn in our side and in the heart of our friends and allies, South Korea and Japan.

*   it gets the U.S. to be diverted to North Korea and looking out for our friends and allies, instead of dealing with the real problems that exist with China.

Well, the jigs up.  Time to end this.

*  forget about “negotiating” with North Korea.

*   forget about backing off to not “upset” them.

*  forget about Clinton appeasement tactics of calling off joint exercises with South Korea.

*  forget about Obama appeasement tactics of cancelling regularly scheduled American military defense testing.

*  forget about mealymouth verbiage  as a “response.”

*  and, please,  forget about our going to China, beggar’s bowl in hand, and begging  China ‘please sir, more sir’.  We beggar, America, plead with China,  pretty  please  intervene with North Korea and ask them to stop being bad.

The solution:  Trading with the Enemy Act & International Emergency Economic Act

It’s time to make China bear the cost of this deceitful game they are playing with us.  Like any good magician, China diverts our eyes from this ball, by “joining” us in “protesting” against North Korean behaviour – while being the sole support of the bully.   It must be made more costly for China to allow this North Korean badman / madman game, than the benefits it reaps from  it.

Sanction  China and use / interpret the Trading With The Enemy Act and/or International Emergency Economic Act.  North Korea is our enemy.  China trades with our enemy, our enemy survives only because China trades with it.  More importantly, North Korea behaves the way it does, because it doesn’t suffer, but gains from it.  It doesn’t suffer from it because China continues to support / sustain it.  And, it doesn’t suffer, because all the countries it bullies pay tribute to it.

Make China pay the costs of North Korean badman / madman  behavior.  Those costs are (at the least)  the military costs associated with our security guarantees and defense treaties with South Korea and Japan.  Surcharge all imports from China to cover these costs.

Betcha  – that would cost China more than what they’re getting  from trading with North Korea.

Betcha, we all know that China – if forced – would take profit in trade with America, South Korea and Japan over North Korea.

Will the ‘Great American Leader’ do that?  No, of course not.

So , Great Leader Obama,  channeling Chamberlain,   will finally proclaim proudly to the American people:

            ‘my good friends, for the first  time in our history, an    American president has sent his Secretary of State to China and returned with “great promises”  bringing peace with honour.  We will jointly say: ‘Kim Jong Un ‘tear down that atomic bomb’; and saying that’s good enough for us.


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