How do you square getting what you want from someone else when you (North Korea) have nothing ?  Actually, it’s quite simple – act like a madman and bully and see everyone  pay tribute.  And when the bullied give you something for stopping?  Well,  you’ve learned how to be rewarded for bad behaviour and thereby turn nothing into something.

 The North Korean bully gets protection money by the billions; gets food to feed its starving military (not its people); and gets a pass on building atomic weapons  – to protect its ruling feudal oligarchy.

 So, does the bullied u.s., just like Pavlov’s dog, learn to roll over and pay tribute to North Korea?

 No, thank God !  Our “Great Leader” Obama knows a thing or two about bullys – so he must  know how to deal with North Korea.  

 Oh, wait !  He’s  busy taking the bull by the horns – busy dealing with the really important bullying  – in schools by pre-teens !   Our “Great Leader” Obama is busy bravely taking a stand in the schoolyard:

     “If there’s one goal …, it’s to dispel the myth that bullying is just a        harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It’s not.  Bullying can have destructive consequences…. And it’s not something we have to accept”, except on the world stage.

 Our ‘great magician’ has mastered the art of deflection.  White House conferences for schoolyard bullies.  Eye-on-the-non-prize.

 North Korean bagatelles:  oh, we can dismiss them.  North Korea can terminate a war armistice; declare a state of war; threaten to rain thermonuclear destruction on the (paper tiger) united states.  Firing off an ICBM just, in the praiseworthy words of the White House, “fit[s] their current pattern of bellicose, unhelpful, unconstructive rhetoric and actions.

But don’t forget “it’s not something we have to accept.”  No sir, “we [White House] urge them to stop with the provocations.”   and to convince them to stop their bullying, why the White House decides to put off  a long-planned American ICBM test, because of concerns the launch could be misinterpreted and exacerbate the North Korean bully.

Our Talking Heads, take their lead from our ‘Great American Leader.’  Oh, it’s just talk, a stage play:  “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”.   He’s a kid  just learning how to square getting a country of his own through inheritance, with the slogans  of communist equality in a “democratic people’s republic” and learning how to rule it as “king”,  while dealing with the reality of military barons, just like any old-fashioned feudal system.

 Let’s get real here.  The Kim dynasty has learned the lessons of western “reasonableness”.  They label it “spinelessness.”  We label it Appeasement.

It’s time to make clear:  North Korea “is not something we have to accept” and we will deal with it only for the purposes of elimination of weapons of mass destruction and re-unification. 

It’s time to make clear:  North Korea is a mad dog.  It must be kept outside the fireside of civilization.  And, any country that trades with it and gives it aid and comfort will suffer sanctions as well.

It’s time to make clear:  North Korea will not get any reward for mad, bad, bullying behavior.  Period.

It’s time to focus on China:  China is playing the u.s. for a fool.

China wants North Korea, both to deflect from its actions and to pin down the U.S. , in the same way Iran wants Hisbollah .  China can let North Korea engage in terrorizing tactics and distract from its own bad actions.  In the classic game China can tie down the U.S., diverting military resources and wasting vast amounts of American wealth on North Korea, instead of counter-balancing China.

The first thing the U.S. should do:  have China cut off all aid and fuel to North Korea.  Ah, you ask, ‘but how’? 

We impose a tax on the products of any country doing business with North Korea in the amount of our cost of defending South Korea, Japan and, now, the U.S. against North Korea!  Will the ‘Great American Leader’ do that?  No, of course not.

So , Great Leader Obama,  channeling Chamberlain,   ought to finally proclaim proudly to the American people:

            ‘my good friends, for the first  time in our history, an    American president has returned from the school yard  bringing peace with honour.  Forget not accepting Kim Jong Un; forget  about North Korea


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  1. I couldn’t agree more, we need more big picture ideas in politics than mundane silly nonsense! I wish the people could vote for actions, not governments offices… We are in trouble people!

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