Wake up politicos , middle america calling !

Sure we need support. Sure we need retirement and health security. We work and toil to keep our families whole and well, but the way things are going, we still need retirement and health help .

But we’re not stupid . We know that the way to do this is to have government help grow the economy – and get more tax revenue. We also know that the way not to do this is to have government “pay” for helping us – and then – taxing us more. We need a budget policy that will repatriate american jobs and grow the economy.

It’s the politicos who are stupid. They can’t be bothered to figure out the fundamental problem – how to allow the economy to grow – so we can prosper and live well again. Once they figure that out, we can handle our needs, as well as our wants, with the traditional way we have paid for them – more taxes that flow from an expanding economy.

If we now work and still need retirement and health help, then we obviously can’t handle paying for expanding the cradle to grave needs of those who refuse [ or think they don’t need] to work.

Democrat politicos think they can distract us by waiving the red meat of taking a bigger bite out of other peoples “rich hides”. But we know, that it’ll somehow, someway come back to bite us right in the middle in our hides.

Well, democrat politicos are defeatists. Their defeatism is hidden behind some idealogical “we have an obligation…. Share the wealth” pap: sugar-coated models for cradle to grave for the poor; and then “trickle down” to the working middle class. (humorous, if not ironic, a leftist ‘trickle down’ ideal.) It is defeatist, because it accepts that america is no longer the land of opportunity; and so uncle has to provide acorns for us poor blind pigs, instead of us being able to provide for ourselves.

We’re also not blind. We see it in the republican’s as well.

Republican politicos’ defeatism is hidden behind some idealogical “free market” pap: allowing american jobs to bleed out to everyone and everywhere – other than to america and americans. It too is defeatist, because it accepts that america is also no longer the land of competitiveness; and so the free-market uncle accepts that the society can do nothing collectively to change things.

So we’re not stupid and not blind. We know the politicos of both stripes really believe that it’s over for america. We know politicos of both stripes are blowing smoke up our behinds to blind us to their belief of our being left behind and their belief there’s nothing they can really do about it.

But, there’s more to us in the middle than that – we know the answer.

Taxing more is not the right answer when we’re all short. But if you let us grow the economy, then we get more taxes from the bigger pie without raising taxes. And, if we grow the economy, we also do not have to cut taxes, because we can live with it. Growing the economy has been the time-honored way of americans who believed in america’s future.

So the proper government purpose is to allow the american people to prosper and thereby become whole and well again. That government purpose tracks with the american people’s spirit to find ways for people to get back to work; and for the poor to get out of poverty (not just taken care of).

A budget policy must advance those actual goals (not just some homily pie). The politicos of both stripes must be judged by whether those goals – are really – advanced.

A budget policy that can accomplish this is – a private stimulus program. It’s time to drop – the “government way.” It’s time to create jobs – the american way.

Private stimulus program

(1) repatriate american profits – for new american production

The first – and easiest thing – allow american companies to repatriate foreign earnings without taxing it – so long as they use all of it to invest in new production. (and this time, with proper controls to prevent use for other purposes.) If the government would allow just this it would open up a trillion dollars plus private stimulus program – at no cost to taxpayers.

And, the politicos can’t complain that is allowing the rich to avoid taxes, because we, the american people, would never otherwise see a dime of this money. Dem politicos finally gotta learn: sumpin’ — from nuttin’ is still nothing. Dey gotta stop taxing falling income and printing bad paper.

(2) let business start new production and new hiring – now – and keep the income from it !

(3) let investors invest in that new production – now – and keep the income from it !

We give them the incentive of a carrot if business and investors create production and jobs. If they start producing now and creating jobs now – they get the carrot – an income holiday for the new production !! But, business can’t get the carrot until they have generated income from the new production and jobs !! And that’s the stimulus !

Remember: it’s production, stupid !

(1) every business which re-opens a closed production facility or opens a new production facility – in these united states – during the next two (2) years gets to keep all the income it makes from the new production over the next ( to be biblical) seven (7)years.

And to encourage big industrial production projects we provide a longer start-up period suitable to the project.

(2) there’s also a financial side to this private stimulus program. Let’s allow all investors’ investment in such new production projects to keep all the investment income they make over the next seven (7) years.

And we get out of the business of government taxing us to death by taxing falling incomes and printing paper to make us pay again through future inflation.

And how do we do it?

First – washington sure don’t know. Second: what we – the people – all know: it’s all the people and all the businesses that know how to get things done. So we are going to unleash the energy and genius of americans and american business.

Now mind, we said “production”. Surely, by now even the politicos and business have learned the “chinese” lesson.

First, it takes producing things – to create value and generate wealth. (this “chinese” lesson once upon a time used to be the american ‘can-do’ lesson.) And second, becoming a service world where we just sell “services” back and forth to one another creates little real value or wealth. (the ‘hey you, service my nails and i’ll flip your burgers.’)

Let everyone figure out how or what they believe they can profitably produce and we got real “industrial policy”, the sum total of tens of thousands of smart folk. And we don’t care whether the products are used here or exported. It takes people working to run production. Every product made here and used here is also one less product sold here, but made by people working abroad. People working at the jobs producing things, then actually also do need people working to provide services to them. And then, but only then, do we profitably put people back to work in the service sector.

Remember a certain politician’s “change” mantra? Real “change” is getting back to the america we know & love. The america of industrial strength and pre-eminence !

And, don’t you think that us folks out here would like to make that kind of investment and return; rather than invest in a wall street betting parlor? Why, even the wall street three card monte shills might just go for it.

If it’s attractive enough, then the politicos don’t have to take the money out of us folks’ pockets for them to place those bets that we don’t agree with. Ya know, like using all the “stimulus” money to reward public employee unions with job retention (oh sorry, “help to government in providing services”) ; or to pay building trades unions at “prevailing” wages some 4 times greater than the real prevailing wage out here (oh sorry, “infrastructure improvements”).

If we prize efficiency / cutting out the middleman, then why not give the government a dose of its own medicine. Why take the money from us — to first go through them sticky fingers in washington – to then “return” it us by giving it to their campaign supporters?

Make it a no-brainer for us simple folk out here – and we’ll be glad to invest for a return that’s not taken for a while. Let everyone figure out how or what they figure they can profitably invest and we got real “financial policy”, the sum total of tens of millions of smart folk.

Let’s stop the government magicians’ misdirection – it’s congenital objection to tax cuts and addiction to taxing us. Give targeted incentives to produce – an income holiday ! And remember, government’s gettin’ nuttin’ from reduced or no production right now, so it can’t be losing anything !

If business is not producing – there’s no income for government to tax. Since uncle sam would be getting nothing from nothing anyway – big brother would be “losing” nothing. So “forgoing” some government revenue for business getting back to producing is better than nothing.

If people aren’t working – there’s no income for government to tax. But lord knows, if people aren’t working there sure needs to be plenty of government expenditure to support them. So “forgoing” some government revenue for people getting back to work is better than nothing and better than subsidizing them. And we, the people, would be getting something – jobs.

And then dem politicos is finally gonna learn: that nuttin’ from sumpin’ can really be something !

‘Nuf said. Let’s get at it.

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