Hey, we’ll tell ya what it means. We, the American Public are damn smart. So shut up – talking heads – politicos – professional politicians – extremists & kooks.

First, we know BS – when we hear it; not just when we see it or smell it. We also recognize the Emperor’s New Clothes – when he talked high-flyin’ ideals, but then stuffed us with robbing our kids to pay his backers. We know when a professional politician is out for himself behind a slick ‘I’m just like you’ facade.

The Lessons are simple:

We,the American Public are always right. Our, the American Public’s, concerns, needs – and, yes – our fears and our hopes are always right.

We want a Return to the American Way. That’s our Change.

We want elected “Public Servants” – to serve us; not the other way ’round. We want “Civil Servants” – to serve us; not that we slave for them.

We want Jobs – the old-fashioned way – through opportunities. We want that kind of future for our kids.

We want to be recognized for doing things the old-fashioned way –  right and following the rules; and not made to feel like schnooks when others are bailed out and we’re left stranded.

We want a new birth of Faith in America; not an apology to the world that Americans can’t trust themselves and can’t be trusted to do right.

Listen ‘n Learn.

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