‘The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians – and government “servants” – who believe … that you can fool all of the people all of the time.’

What’s wrong with American government – at all levels – is that it now primarily benefits the politicians and its civil ‘servants’; while it forces the public to work for them.   (1) Government has become this alien mutant replicant: politicians have become a heredity aristocracy – Lords for Life (and even often believe it is their right to have their office devolve on their family).   And the Lords for Life manage this in a pact with the devil – a wildly generous feedbag and Life-Long job protection for their political troops – organized civil ‘servants’.

(2)  And the public? What’s with us? The public has become sharecropper for the politicians and their army of civil ‘servants’.  ‘The Public works and fights and dies to advance the wealth and luxury of the politicians – and they are called Free and Citizens – without having a home or job to call their own.’  In effect, we’ve become their Soylent Green.

We of the American Center, us Independents, want to cut spending, cut taxes and oust the politicians for perfectly good and rational reasons.  Here’s our common sense of it; and there’s our sympathy for the tea party.


Chicago politicos of old (like back in ’87) – paid two bucks and a set-up at the local bar – in exchange for your vote.  The only difference between that and this “stimulus program’ – is that the payback came after the election, rather than at the vote.  The “Stimulus” Program was pure pork payback to union workers (only some 10% of American workers) who voted Democratic. THE ONLY “STIMULUS” JOBS SAVED AND CREATED ARE GOVERNMENT CIVIL ‘SERVANT’ AND UNION JOBS !!

Oh, the other difference, instead of the politicos taking it out of their pockets, they are taking it out of the pockets of all the rest of America’s workers left out – and still losing their jobs !! It’s the American Center – the public – some 90 % of all American workers who don’t get to share in any of its “stimulus” who have been simply abandoned to pay for it – in the future.

Infrastructure “stimulus” – it goes exclusively to Union construction workers. And, only at “prevailing wages” – that 90% of American workers never see, much less get as “prevailing.” Public local government “stimulus” – it goes to government unions. So, the most bloated bureaucracies ever conceived in America are spared the possibility of any RIF ( “layoffs” to America’s mere mortal workers); much less having to suffer the indignity of “sharing the pain” through reduced work hours – as government unions are suing for in places such as California. And, The “stimulus” in tax credit – is designed to pay back essentially the masses who voted Democratic without incomes!

No one was looking. The candidate of Change, he of the Golden Tongue, blinded America with the Politicos’ same-old New Clothes. But with politicos “help” like this – who needs enemies? Well, fool us twice: it’s shame on us. So, enuf is enuf.

Take my Pappy’s advice: “They’re all pigs at the trough.  WHOEVER’S IN OFFICE – VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY. So, by the time they’ve become efficient at the trough, vote ’em out and go with a new one who still has to learn how to be a pig.”

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